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Busy marketing professionals such as marketing managers and communications specialists often work on a number of multi-platform strategies and campaigns, from brainstorming in marketing and sales meetings through to execution and the wrap-up analysis/optimization stage.

This position requires a large and varied amount of documentation that needs to be updated and communicated with multiple parties, such as within the marketing department, with other departments who assist in the integrated execution of campaigns, such as sales representatives and managers, and external vendors and contractors. Much of the time,  this communication is time sensitive as campaign dates loom quickly.

Rather than spending unnecessary time in long and inefficient marketing and sales meetings, or discussing projects constantly with other team members on the phone or via email, Laserfiche can provide a content and document management system that is flexible and fast enough to meet your needs.

Here are some of the many ways Laserfiche can help improve your marketing development, execution and optimization:

  • Marketing managers can store, manage and distribute documents ranging from branding files to full campaigns and strategies through Laserfiche, adjusting user settings so only information you want them to see is viewable and making approvals a breeze.
  • It’s accounting system can assist in budgeting your campaigns throughout the year and depending on your needs, you can even include live estimates, invoicing and contracts for and from external vendors.
  • Its analytics tools can be integrated with online products such as Google Analytics/Adwords or mail programs with analytics such as MailChimp so you can easily integrate offline and online campaigns and track and optimize results on an ongoing basis.
  • Since it can be used across departments, marketing and sales people have access to the most recent updates on campaigns and documents, ensuring strategies and campaigns are fully communicated and integrated. This also results in less man hours and inefficiencies, which can mean more cost effectiveness for your entire organization.

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