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Empowering IT Support & Technology Services for Governments.

Enhancing efficiency, protecting sensitive data, and enabling success through technology for Local & Provincial Government and Public Sector departments.

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We have had a long relationship with Inspiris and I would like to thank you for your continued effort. My main contact is Jeremy and he is extremely accommodating and goes the extra mile to make sure things are not only fixed quickly but fixed properly.” – Kneehill County | Three Hills, AB

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Where compassion meets innovation: putting our heart into everything that we do.

Elevating your technology experience with our heartfelt values.

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Helping you and your people achieve maximum potential from your work by harnessing technology in a tailored way to achieve your goals.

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Ensuring your time is best spent where human ingenuity and creativity are required, by leveraging AI and Automation to take care of repetitive tasks and admin functions.

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Training and guiding your team to get the most out of technology; happier and more effective people = happier public service users.

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Managed IT Support

We do IT for you.

Effective and reliable IT is crucial for delivering exceptional government services. We understand how frustrating IT can be when it comes to achieving your goals; our mission is to make it work for you. Our customized solutions will take away the burdens and obstacles of getting the best out of your IT and empower your organization's success.

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Do more. Faster.

Being able to capture, manage, store and deliver content and documents is a cornerstone of success for public sector organizations. Laserfiche is a flexible all-in-one document management system designed to streamline operations and support growth.

Solving IT challenges for the public sector.

Technology has a lot to offer to public sector organizations, but they face constraints in leveraging it to its full potential. Their IT solutions need to be reliable and secure, empower productivity and agility, while also meeting budgetary constraints and compliance requirements. We're passionate about empowering government organizations to fulfil their mission, marrying our technical expertise with our heartfelt commitment to excellence and integrity.

Empowering IT Support

Responsive and fast IT support for on-premises and remote teams can make all the difference in the delivery of public services. With Inspiris, your government organization will be able to access quality support, focused on resolving issues at their root-cause.

Budget-Friendly Solutions

We understand that budgetary constraints play a key role in the solutions that public sector organizations can access. We use our expertise to source and tailor IT solutions that are best placed to deliver the highest impact for your organization. 

Digital Transformation

Accessing the power of cloud-based technologies comes with a range of organizational and compliance concerns. Our team are experts are experts at helping public sector organizations to adopt new technologies in a secure, tailored and compliant way.

Compliance & Cyber Security

Data protection and compliance are crucial requirements for public sector organizations. We help them to achieve oversight and implementation of data protection and compliance requirements across their people, processes and technology. 

An IT Support partner that you can trust.

We are committed to your business’s success because we understand how important efficient IT is to your daily operations and long-term growth.

Empowering government success & security.

Despite having many shared challenges, we understand that each government organization will be working with different specific needs, goals and contexts. Our IT solutions are tailored to meet them, always being coupled with our personal and compassionate approach. We do not consider ourselves to just be IT support providers, we're technology partners that you can lean on for guidance and support.

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Managed IT Support.

Our flexible IT solutions make your every day more efficient and secure

We put people first and can help your team to get the best from their technology and workflows with our flexible solutions. Whether you need fully managed or partial support for remote, hybrid, or purely on-premise environments, Inspiris will be able to support you with a personal touch and tailored approach. 

Document Management & Workflow Automation.

Secure, organized and accessible digital document management system designed to make your day-to-day more efficient

Many public sector organizations struggle with getting the best from their electronic document management systems, they may be slow, hard to use, require manual processes, or hard to integrate with other systems and workflows. The county of Newell has been able to overcome many of these challenges with Laserfiche, a holistic document management platform. 

We are specialists in implementing and supporting Laserfiche to empower document management in public and private sector organizations alike, enabling them to streamline their operations and empower their success.

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Cloud Solutions.

Work easily anywhere and at any time with cutting-edge cloud services

We believe that technology should serve as a tool to enhance human experiences. We approach cloud-solutions like the Microsoft 365 platform with a people-first approach that also has your goals, cyber security and compliance needs fully in mind. We work as your all-in-one partner for helping you to achieve digital transformation in a seamless, secure and empowering way. 

Cyber Security.

Gain industry-grade data protection across your organization, empowering your security and compliance

We’re cyber security specialists that know how to align protective measures with different organizations and compliance requirements. We are true cyber security partners that implement more than just technical solutions, we’ll be on-call to help you with any issues and questions. 

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A few of our happy clients.

Ready to take your technology strategy to the next level?

We meet regularly with local government departments across Western Canada to help you identify the areas in which you can make improvements, and accordingly develop a strategy to enhance your efficiencies and protect your sensitive data.

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