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Our Solutions.

Going beyond the typical IT support provider

Digital Transformation.

To maintain their competitive edge and to stay ahead of the curve, embracing digital transformation has never been more important for organizations today.

We're specialists in empowering organizations to transform how they operate using the power of technology. By ensuring that new solutions empower your people and goals, alongside our technical expertise, we help organizations to seamless integrate new technology to drive their success and growth.


Making Digital Transformation work for you.

We believe successful transformations happen by listening to people, their goals, and their context, before any solution is designed. We will work closely with you to find the best ways to achieve your goals based on your needs, context and constraints. From there, we can design a solution and implementation plan that leverages opportunities while minimizing risk and disruption.
Throughout the process, from consulting to after-care, Inspiris will be your helpful partner for ensuring your digital transformation achieves your goals and empowers your people.

Customized solutions

To deliver the highest benefit from your digital transformation and to make it empowering for your team, it’s essential to tailor it precisely around your needs and goals. So we ensure our digital transformation solutions are crafted to work precisely for your business.  

Constraint sensitive

We understand that digital transformation needs to be sensitive to your regulatory and budgetary needs, so we work closely with our clients to ensure that their digital transformation projects are able to meet all of their needs, while furthering their goals.    

Scalability & growth

A core focus of our digital transformation services is unlocking efficiency and scalability for businesses. Our solutions are designed to unlock these benefits and empower the competitive edge and success of our clients. 

End-to-end support

From consultation to after-care, Inspiris will act as your dedicated planning and implementation partner for your digital transformation. Our focus is on ensuring a smooth and secure implementation that empowers stakeholders and success. 

Discover a smarter way to automate your business processes.

Streamline day-to-day work by automating key workflows and business processes with Laserfiche.

Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our AI solutions enables businesses to achieve more, using less time and resources, as well as to tap into the next generation of technologies that are enabling businesses to get ahead of the curve.

Our friendly team of experts can serve as your guides and implementation partners for applying AI in your business, enabling to tap into the rich potential of today's technology.


What AI can achieve for your business?

With a systematic application of AI, your business can save considerable amounts of time and money and achieve more efficiency and productivity across a range of areas, including administration, customer support, marketing and more.

Process Automation

Save time and resources by automating manual processes with reliable automations across your workflows, saving time and enabling your people to focus on more higher-value tasks. 

Data-Driven Insights

Leverage machine learning algorithms in accessible dashboards to gain insight into opportunities to drive your success, by bringing your data together in intelligent platforms such as Microsoft’s Power BI. 

Empower Scalability

Systematically applying AI empowers more scalable and profitable growth for businesses that apply it effectively. With Inspiris as your AI implementation partner, you can elevate your value-delivery and growth with seamless, tailored solutions.

Enhanced Productivity

AI tools can be applied to empower enhanced productivity across your workforce, acting as helpful co-pilots to your staff’s work. Whether they are working on documents, creating communications, or conducting research, AI can help to enrich their efforts.

Business Process Automation.

Inspiris are specialists in helping organizations to automate their workflows using a range of tools. Save time and money and free up your team to achieve more with our business process automation solutions.

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What BPA can achieve for your business.

Business Process Automation enables businesses to complete otherwise manual tasks using the power of explicitly programmed AI. BPA can be applied across a range of departments, including finance, marketing, operations, customer service, and much more.

Saved Time

BPA enables businesses to magnify their efficiency through AI. BPA tools can complete tasks more quickly and are not at risk of human-error, enabling teams to dedicate their team to other tasks to empower client success. 

Lower Costs

BPA lowers costs for businesses by enabling time-consuming tasks to be outsourced to AI. BPA enables businesses to save on recruitment costs as well as costs related to errors in business processes. 


Automated processes can scale seamlessly with the growth of a business and can be easily re-configured to accommodate changes in workflows as your business evolves. Our BPA solutions can also be utilized to create new processes for scratch whenever needed. 


Automated processes can  run in the background and continue working, lowering workloads for your team and minimising mistakes that can disrupt operations and the delivery of client services. With automations, your team can be empowered to drive more value in your business.

Want to ensure that your organization's IT infrastructure is aligned with your business goals and objectives?