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Enabling digital transformation for Western Canada's Education Sector.

Empowering educational excellence, protecting sensitive data, and leveraging technology services.

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“I can’t say enough good things about Jeremy and the Inspiris team. Their constant support and helpful guidance have not only solved our records management challenges but have also enhanced our overall efficiency. They’re have been become a valuable asset to our school division.”  -Lethbridge School Division

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Where compassion meets innovation: serving the education sector.

Empowering schools and divisions with end-to-end technology solutions.

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Empowering educators and leaders with friendly, tailored tech solutions for a deeper human connection.

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Focus on human creativity and connection; let AI and Automation handle the rest.

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Improving tech use leads to happier, empowered students through better team collaboration and understanding.

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Enabling growth through your technology.

Start streamline day-to-day work by automating key workflows and administrative processes. Break free from repetitive, manual tasks and focus on delivering for students.

Empowering the education sector.

We help the education sector to leverage technology to achieve a more seamless operation. From automating processes and streamlining document management, to provide fast and responsive support, Inspiris are proven providers of digital solutions for educational organizations.

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Our flexible IT solutions make your every day more efficient and secure

Professionals in the education sector are looking for better ways to capture, manage, store and deliver their content. Laserfiche is a flexible all-in-one document management system designed to streamline operations and support growth.

By digitizing and centralizing academic records, administrative paperwork, and student information, Laserfiche streamlines administrative tasks, reducing paperwork burdens for educators and staff.

Document Management & Workflow Automation.

Secure, organized and accessible digital document management system designed to make your day-to-day more efficient

Educational institutions in Western Canada are embracing new ways to empower their document management and workflows to achieve more, using less time and resources. 

Through Laserfiche, Inspiris provides powerful document management capabilities, allowing schools and colleges to capture, store, and organize documents in a centralized repository.

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FieldTrip Pro Solutions.

Seasoned providers of Laserfiche's Field Trip Pro Platform

What if you could automate and streamline large swaths of your field trip management workflows?

Inspiris can help you to design and implement a bespoke field trip management solution using the Laserfiche platform. We will be on-call to offer continued support to ensure that you’re always getting the best from your new field trip management solution. 

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Leverage technology for educational success.

Organizations in the education sector often do not feel fully empowered by their technology to achieve their mission. Systems and processes can be fractured, documentation processes could be more streamlined and efficient, while assuring compliance can feel burdensome and uncertain.

This is where Inspiris can help; by listening closely to your needs, designing solutions that fit your organization, and implementing them in a way that empowers your people, processes and requirements, we ensure that your IT serves as an empowering and accessible tool for achieving educational excellence.


In today’s world, empowering education requires fast, reliable and empowering solutions and support. Our friendly team provide prompt and responsive support, minimizing downtime, disruptions and slow speeds. We can also work with you to get the best from your day-to-day technology and will proactively act to enhance its performance. 

Administrative Burdens

Could your document management and processes be more streamlined and efficient? We’re specialists in helping educational organizations to streamline, automate and empower their document management, enabling them to save time, lower stress, and empower their people to focus on delivering for students.

Field Trip Management

Planning school field trips can be slow, cumbersome and tedious — amounting to piles of paper work and manual efforts to find, approve and process documentation. Our Laserfiche-powered field trip management solutions enables the organizing of field trips to be a breeze. 

Ready to take your technology strategy to the next level?

We meet regularly with educational institutes across Western Canada to help identify the areas in which you can make improvements, and develop a strategy to achieve technology excellence from our very first conversation with you!

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