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Enterprise Content Management.

Providing customized IT solutions to solve broken processes and support growth since 2005.

Looking for more efficient, streamlined ways to capture, manage, store your data?

Storing and managing the mountains of documents and data your organization needs on a daily basis can be a complicated and tedious process. Shouldn’t technology be doing more for you?

Adoption and integration?

Implementing an ECM solution requires significant changes in business processes, workflows, and employee behavior, some of which may be discouraged due to insufficient training or an unfriendly user interface.

Data governance and compliance?

Businesses must establish robust security measures, data retention policies, and access controls to protect sensitive information and comply with legal requirements.

Scalability and performance?

Businesses need to consider factors such as storage capacity, system responsiveness, and search functionality to ensure ECM can scale effectively and deliver optimal performance as content repositories expand.

Take a look at real results.

See how Laserfiche works for real businesses, claim your FREE download.

Fast, effective and advanced.

During our first consultation we will learn the details of your organization and immediate pain points, so we can recommend how this user-friendly platform can save on your costs and streamline your processes for long-term growth and success.

Quickly create customized forms

By creating a system of digital forms, you are better able to standardize processes and address regulatory compliance.

Secure your data with access controls

Rather than relying on piles of paperwork, HR departments can turn to content and document management systems to streamline personnel tasks, expedite onboarding processes and manage employee data.

Decrease overhead costs and save space

With digital document management, teams can reduce costs in paper, printing, supplies and equipment​, not to mention network drive storage and staff to manage it all.

Remove geographical limitations

Digital document management systems and CRM tools allow sales professionals to seamlessly manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the sales cycle.

Reduce bottlenecks and improve efficiency

Getting your team on board with consistent, standardized processes can be a challenge -- especially in organizations with a large number of employees

Unify your data on a single platform

With a single unified system, all your information is in one place, thus allowing for greater ease of auditing and monitoring regulatory compliance.

What can Laserfiche do for you?

Laserfiche is a secure, organized and accessible digital document management system designed to make your day-to-day more efficient. It is a flexible, intuitive system completely customizable based on how your employees and departments operate. The best thing is, you don’t need IT expertise to operate and enjoy Laserfiche!


Manage all your content in one single platform.

Access your documents anytime, anywhere via desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Simplify complex organization systems with controlled access to folders, templates and documents per employee role or department.

Create digital forms processes.

Eliminate bottlenecks and increase efficiency with automated processes.

Decrease overhead costs by reducing paper storage, office space, hiring and network drives.

Control costs of content management with complete records of activity.

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Implement specific IT controls.

Facilitate compliance at every stage of your organization.

Customize content access by employee or group.

Want to ensure that your organization's IT infrastructure is aligned with your business goals and objectives?