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Our flexible IT services are customized for your organization or department, across all industries and sizes. We believe technology should put people-first. By creating effective, easy-to-use IT solutions, we put to rest the cumbersome challenges of running a business so your organization can grow and flourish.

We work with the best IT products available, such as Laserfiche, an all-in-one content and document management technology. Laserfiche is a customizable tool for professionals in all departments and industries, created to streamline your processes, overcome quality control issues, eliminate bottlenecks and improve overall efficiency and performance.

We make sure you love your technology and that it enables business growth.


Efficiently manage your milelong to-do list,, so you can get back to running the operations of your organization.


  • Reduce time spent with intuitive filing systems.
  • Scan, capture and securely share files.
  • Customize your software for your organization’s needs.
  • Take advantage of full security audit and implementation services.


Manage staff, deliver products and services, order materials and optimize your processes with more efficiency and cost effectiveness.


  • Create flexible communication systems for HR and Finance.
  • Securely share payments with vendors.
  • Manage materials purchasing, inventory control and distribution.
  • Reduce number of hires, save on admin costs.


Nurture new and existing client relationships, create documents, contracts and invoices, and work seamlessly with other departments with our document management systems and CRM tools.


  • Manage and analyze customer interactions throughout sales cycle.
  • Add, update and track documents and communications in real-time.
  • Integrate with your current CRM systems.
  • Create, optimize and track campaigns.


Seamlessly execute campaigns, create live estimates and contracts, track and optimize results in real-time, rather than spending long, tedious hours in meetings.


  • Customize access and approval settings to documents and content.
  • Utilize accounting systems for budgeting and invoice management.
  • Integrate analytics tools and mail programs to optimize online campaigns.
  • Enjoy real-time updates to all departments.


Stay organized when hiring, letting go, managing benefits, sharing job descriptions and automating onboarding process.


  • Automate recruiting and onboarding.
  • Manage vacation requests, routine personnel tasks, benefits enrollment and more.
  • Create fillable forms for expense requests, travel reports, etc.
  • Integrate with your existing software, or fill in the gaps.


Ensure critical information doesn’t get lost with secure IT systems that allow you to develop, implement and maintain data to exceptional quality standards.


  • Access your data via mobile devices and desktop.
  • Allow information access to teams within and outside your organization.
  • Streamline communications and approvals.
  • Integrate with your existing document management system, or just fill in the gaps.


Stay on top of client information, court decisions and legal documents, all with a singular document management system.


  • Ensure documents are drafted correctly and ready for quick approvals.
  • Create, store, access and share documents 24/7.
  • Organize notes and legal forms for contracts, mergers, wills and other documentation.
  • Create fillable, intuitive forms.


Ensure your current and future IT needs are met by outsourcing some of your IT requirement to Inspiris.


  • Put in place emergency systems for network crashes or security breaches.
  • Optimize admin tasks with vendors, contracts, invoicing or project status updates.
  • Track communications, tasks and approval throughout project lifecycle.
  • Get ongoing support from our team of IT experts.


Move your business forward with IT. Ensure operations run smoothly, and efficiently analyze important information for day-to-day decisions and future growth.


  • Analyze Key Performance Indicators (KPIs.)
  • Create custom dashboards for internal and external data.
  • Automate storage, management and distribution of documents across all departments.
  • Track organizational business and workflow processes.


For Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable professionals, efficiently manage large amounts of data including invoices and financial records for your entire organization.


  • Integrate all your data on a single platform.
  • Regulate compliance with controlled access per employee or department.
  • Audit activity with 24/7 access.
  • Integrate with your existing software, or fill in the gaps.

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