Health, Safety and Environment

inspiris helps health and safety workers with custom document management

Occupational health and safety advisors are always on the go. Working for local, provincial or federal government agencies, these are the people who are responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining health, safety and environmental standards in a variety of workplaces, meaning a good majority of their days are spent receiving, storing and tracking information.

You’ll often see these officers with paperwork scattered in their work vehicle, and piled up in their offices. There are few occupations that require as much organization and data storage as health, safety and environment advisors, so content and document management systems like Laserfiche are critical to ensuring information doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

With technological advances, many of these advisors use some form of content management already, but unfortunately not all of them meet all the needs of these paper-centric professionals and they may not be user-friendly when they are onsite.

Laserfiche is a fully integrated content and document management system that can work with any existing content or document management system – so you don’t need to overhaul your entire organization to implement it. Instead, you can just use it to fill in the gaps you’re missing.
Imagine heading to a site without a clipboard? Instead you have Laserfiche’s easy-to-use mobile application where you fill in the data needed and it’s automatically stored and available to use and update whenever and wherever you need to access it?

Its various sharing settings mean permitted team members both within and outside your organization can even use it, making communications and approvals much more efficient!

For more information about how your company can use Laserfiche to help improve your organization’s field reporting, recording systems, communications and more, Contact Us Now to set up a free consultation!

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