Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable professionals working in medium and larger companies and in government organizations find our document management system Laserfiche to be incredibly helpful.

Laserfiche is a great place for capturing, storing and organizing large amounts of data such as invoices and financial records. Since all your information is in one place you can audit your activity at any time to improve productivity, and when it comes to regulatory compliance, this flexible tool allows you varying levels of accessibility for different staff members. Even contractors can have read-only status, so your staff no longer have to provide updates on payments.

Laserfiche also integrates with your company’s existing accounting software, so you don’t need to make any changes to your current systems.

Visit the Laserfiche site to learn more, or Contact Us to learn more about how this content management tool can help improve your organization’s financial department.

“Laserfiche provides us with a streamlined accounting workflow that’s nothing short of fantastic. In accounts payable, there are improved levels of accuracy, accountability and time efficiency.”
– Indigo North Health, Laserfiche customer

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