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Professionals in all industries and organizational divisions are looking for more efficient, streamlined ways to capture, manage, store and deliver content and documents. Storing and managing the mountains of documents and data your organization needs on a daily basis can be a complicated and tedious process. Shouldn’t technology be doing more for you?

During our first consultation we will learn the details of your organization and immediate pain points, so we can recommend how this user-friendly platform can save on your costs and streamline your processes for long-term growth and success. Because Laser fiche is the most flexible, comprehensive database system available for business of all industries and sizes, you can even start small by using just a few processes.

Laserfiche is a secure, organized and accessible digital document management system designed to make your day-to-day more efficient. It is a flexible, intuitive system completely customizable based on how your employees and departments operate. The best thing is, you don’t need IT expertise to operate and enjoy Laserfiche!

What can Laserfiche do for you?

  • Manage all your content in one single platform.
    • Access your documents anytime, anywhere via desktop, smartphone or tablet.
    • Simplify complex organization systems with controlled access to folders, templates and documents per employee role or department.
  • Create digital forms processes to replace ANY paper document or manual PDF forms your organization already uses.
    • Eliminate bottlenecks and increase efficiency with automated processes.
    • Decrease overhead costs by reducing paper storage, office space, hiring and network drives.
    • Control costs of content management with complete records of activity.
  • Implement specific IT controls that suit your organization’s security requirements.
    • Facilitate compliance at every stage of your organization.
    • Customize content access by employee or group.

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