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New Program Makes Field Trip Planning Easy

We can all agree field trips are fun and valuable for students, and even parents and teachers, but planning for them? Not so much.

The current field trip process is slow, redundant and filled with piles of paperwork. From the initial internal request forms, to the various forms to be passed from the school to their parents and back again, there are a lot of forms that need to be manually created, approved, printed, copied and then passed around for each field trip. This makes the process slow, redundant and filled with possibilities for error and frustration for students and parents.

Wouldn’t you love a secure field trip system where you could easily input your information from your computer or mobile device? A system where you could use templates that save duplicate data, have pre-filled sections for you with information already available and have one single collection point for field trips to be created, approved and updated in real time?

Inspiris FieldTrip Pro does just that. Created with superintendents, teachers, parents and students in mind, this easy-to-use technology for your school automates the entire field trip process, from initial approvals to documenting completed trips. Parents can even approve and pay for field trips via email, meaning no more waiting for forms and money to be signed and returned by students!

How it Works

Step 1: From their computer, teachers access a template request form and fill in a request. Students are selected by class, and they can be easily added or removed at the same time, with all student information imported from Power School. Medical information is password-encrypted for secure offline access.

Step 2: The field trip request is automatically sent to the principal and/ or superintendent, who can review, modify and approve the request digitally. Once approved, the relevant information is sent to administration staff who can enter the trip into the school’s fee collections system.

Step 3: Once fee information is entered, FieldTrip Pro automatically contacts all the student guardians via email, complete with a secure, unique link to medical and consent forms, as well as the ability to pay online and sign electronically. Areas that can be pre-filled with Power School are already completed, and guardians can enter new information as needed. All changes are automatically updated into the system in real time, so teachers can check back for realtime updates from their desktop or mobile device, and download all theinformation they need to take on their trip.

Step 4: Once the trip is complete, the teacher enters any completed trip information into the system (e.g. incident reports), storing all trip information in one place, updating any pre-filled forms for future use and making records management easy for teachers, superintendents and school boards!

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Let’s simplify the field trip process!

FieldTrip Pro Benefits:


• Pre-filled electronic approval and medical forms
• Online fee payments
• Electronic signature feature

Teachers, Principals, Superintendents

• One place to make any changes
• Templates available to save duplicate data entry
• Integrates with Power School for all school, student, and course/section information
• All information stored so never have to be manually re-entered again
• Create and approve/communicate/share/distribute a field trip in minutes
• Automatic system for principals and superintendents to review, modify or return to teacher for
• One collection point for everything from student list to itinerary and emergency planning, fee
collections and incident reports
• Trips easily postponed or cancelled
• Updates made in real time
• PDF downloadable info for use on trips


• Simple fee collection
• Simple records management
• Reduce risks

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