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Jeremy Regehr, Owner

Hi, I’m Jeremy, owner of Inspiris, and I have two very strong beliefs: first, that love is the strongest force in the universe, and second, that life is not truly lived until it’s lived for others. It’s these beliefs that led me into the service industry, along with a passion for solving people’s IT challenges.

I’m often the one clients meet with to discuss their IT issues. Whether it’s Managed IT or content/document management, I like to take the time to get to know the people first, and then their business. At the end of the day it really is about the people within the company who are making it operate. I want to give them back their time and help their business excel by simplifying these complex IT issues that can keep them up at night, worrying about things like organization and loss of revenues.

I treat people like family, both personally and professionally. I have been a volunteer firefighter in my community for many years and serve as the Director of Development for the In2Action Foundation, an organization dedicated to poverty relief and giving a “hand up” by way of food, clothing, and shelter for Canadians who have temporary needs that are not provided for anywhere else.

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Lyle Regehr, Owner

I’m Lyle Regehr, the Owner of Inspiris, as well as a creator and a problem solver. I wake up every day excited to find ways to help people simplify their lives.

With experience in Computers and Technology, I work diligently to help solve our customers’ challenges. I love being inventive, seeing new ways to do things, and making things happen for clients – this is where I get the most out of life.

When I’m not fixing something, enjoying my house and yard, I spend my time searching for finding new ideas for our customers.

Most of all, I feel really lucky to live close to the Rockies, Waterton National Park, since I love going on hikes or riding bikes with family and friends. I also love sightseeing and exploring, finding beauty and new adventures.

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Charlotte West, Accounting, Administrative Assistant

Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I’m the accountant here at Inspiris. I believe life is all about people and relationships. Trust is key to me and I work for an IT company where I make sure everything in our accounting department is done the right way.

With a strong background in accounting and excellent communication skills, I also take service calls and create tickets for contract customers when they call, always providing a high level of service.

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Nicole Packham, IT Technician

My name is Nicole, and my mission in life is to create a friendly atmosphere where people feel comfortable trusting me to solve their problems or to help them.
Nothing makes me happier than knowing I have made someone’s day – whether it’s a smile or friendly gesture, a conversation, or helping fix a problem they’ve encountered.

My excellent communication skills and eagerness to learn have led me down many career paths in my lifetime, from working as a cook in a restaurant, doing customer service in a mechanics shop and working in accounting.Today I have the opportunity to use these skills once again to become a computer technician and provide administrative support here at Inspiris.

If you phone us or walk into our location, it is most likely me you’ll speak with, as I take service calls and provide first level support. I will quickly find out your needs and get you the help you need so you can continue operating your business!

When I’m not working I’m an active and busy mother of three. I also coach adult baseball and I am on the board/committee of the Pincher Creek Slo Pitch Baseball Association.

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Kathy Clarke, Business Analyst

“I love helping companies and organizations learn how technology can improve their overall business process.”

Sometimes it takes a third, non-partisan person with the right outlook to spot deficiencies, communication gaps, silos and other issues that may be causing inefficiencies or contributing to losses in revenue. At Inspiris, that’s me, Kathy!

With more than 20 years of experience in a variety of analyst roles, as well as a great deal of experience helping implement and train staff on a new business process. My experience helps me to see things the way they are now and how they can be in the future, by creating a detailed roadmap to get people where they want to be. With my experience, strong communications skills, and ability to see businesses from 60,000 ft. above with all its moving parts, I not only help people understand how technology and business work together, I explain the “why” in a way people can understand. I will even train staff on how to use new technology, either remotely or in the workplace.

As a Microsoft Office Master, I enjoy the challenge of creating the “Perfect” Excel Spreadsheet with dynamic formulas, lookups and pivot tables. I also have an interest in many traditional and non-traditional handcrafts, like Sewing, Knitting, Paper Quilling and Kumihimo Braiding with a passion to create my own designs.

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Peter Carpenter, ECM Programmer

I enjoy creating and building automated business processes that simplify our customers’ workload.

I like to create a good rapport with our customers so I can understand their specific needs. When I can assess things and look at the overall plan, I can quickly understand all of the parts to the puzzle and craft programs that work to make the pieces fit. Whether you have a need in Accounting or Field Trip processing, I can create programs that will make your life easier.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Science and a Diploma in Computer Information Technology, as well as more than 10 years experience in programming.

What I love to do is go on adventures. In Costa Rica, I had a blast wading neck deep in Cayman crocodile waters. Climbing and hiking the Mayan pyramids was also an adventure I will never forget. Adventures and seeing nature up close is what I love doing with my time off.

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