“I have been working with Inspiris for nearly 14 years now and they have implemented everything from website development, networking, servers , hardware , software and everything in between. To say we have a good working relationship would be an understatement , we are family. ”

– Shameer Suleman, Bayshore Inn, Waterton, AB

“Our municipality has had Laserfiche in place for around 5 years. I am very satisfied with the product, and the support we have received from Inspiris. They helped us implement it and provided great design options and opportunities.”

“The MD of Bonnyville has developed most of their Laserfiche solution in-house as a result of Calvin’s tireless work. Inspiris provided on-site installation and training approximately 5 years ago and since has provided the stabilizing assistance of consistent support when needed. Calvin has proven that you can expect to easily learn the product and do not necessarily require the continued ongoing assistance of a reseller for professional services. This is a testament to Laserfiche delivering on the promise of ease of use and ease of development/deployment.”

– Calvin Bespalko, MD of Bonnyville, AB

“The County of Newell has had Laserfiche for 11 years now.  We started out using the ECM as a digital filing cabinet for archived documents. We are currently using Laserfiche Rio and we have automated our AP Invoices with Laserfiche Workflow and that is going very well. I really like using the Laserfiche product, but the biggest caution is to make sure you have a good VAR (Value Added Reseller). I would highly recommend Inspiris as a VAR.  We had a couple of other VARs before them that did not meet our expectations.”

– Joanne W. Newell County, Brooks, AB

“We have had a long relationship with Inspiris and I would like to thank you for your continued effort. There has been no issues with service in my opinion. My main contact is Geoff and Jeremy and they are both extremely accommodating and go the extra mile to make sure things are not only fixed quickly but fixed properly. I have absolutely 0 complaints.”

– Will Nyman, Kneehill County, Three Hills, AB

“Kneehill County is our longest user of Laserfiche and has nearly 10 years of Laserfiche usage. During that time we have assisted them with developing Laserfiche Quickfields sessions for the scanning automation of digitizing all their archive tax assessment records. More recently Inspiris has designed and implemented a fully electronic forms process for constituents to request and receive approval for burning permits. This has cut the time required for constituents to be approved for burning in the County from days to just a few minutes on average. Inspiris has provided IT solutions and services to Kneehill County since 2000.”

– Mary Lou Willis, Kneehill County, Three Hills, AB

“Red Deer County reached out to Inspiris after having struggles with receiving the support they needed from their reseller. We were able to come alongside and provide the help needed for Red Deer to take their small installation and grow it with confidence. Today Red Deer County has Laserfiche Rio deployed to over 80 users in their organization, is aggressively deploying a third party software integration for GIS and is looking at Infolinx physical records management software to tie into Laserfiche.”

– Emily Speight, Red Deer County, Red Deer, AB

“The Town of Bowden has been using Inspiris for a few years now and have been very happy with the service that has been provided to us. Inspriris is used for many of our computer solutions and setting up our email accounts to installing programs. We have also purchased three computers from them and the set up goes very easy and transitions in have been seamless. Any issues we have had with our computer systems have been fixed in a very timely manner with very little inconvenience to our day to day operations as we rely on our computer systems everyday. Everyone at Inspiris is very accommodating and quickly gets our issues dealt with.”

– Jacqui Molyneux Bowden, AB

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