People First. Technology Forward.

Formerly known as Cougar Ridge Computer Systems Ltd., Inspiris has been operating in Western Canada since 1994.

We have worked with hundreds of businesses and government departments over the years, and as business owners ourselves, we understand the many challenges of running a business or department, and technology’s important impact on various aspects of operations.

That’s why we our priority is people first. We truly believe by building long lasting relationships with our clients, we can provide the high quality, expert service your company needs in a trusted IT provider.

About Inspiris
Learn more about our history and dedication to providing people-centric content management and IT solutions to a wide variety of business owners and government departments.


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Inspiris has been lucky to work with some amazing clients over the years, providing unique, customized and trusted Managed IT and Enterprise Content Management solutions. Read some testimonials from our many happy customers.


Managed IT and Enterprise Content Management Solutions (ECM)
Learn more about our people-first, customized IT and ECM solutions.


Who We Work With
Want to know if you’re a good fit with us? See some of the many organizational divisions we have worked with over the years, and how we work one-on-one to meet their technology needs.


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Have questions about our services? We’d love to hear from you! Contact Us to set-up a free consultation so we can get to know you and your business needs better.

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