Why Field Trips are Invaluable and How to Make Them Easy

When you were a student, you likely got excited whenever your teacher announced a field trip. While kids may think it’s just an excuse to get out of the classroom, field trips actually offer many benefits.

If you’re an educator or a parent, stick with us to see valuable benefits of taking your students on a field trip.

There are many ways to teach a child; and organizing educational field trips is just another approach.

Advantages of Field Trips

Eliminating boredom

This is a no-brainer. When you get your kids out of the classroom, there is less pressure to perform well and more fun. There is also the opportunity to receive information in a new light.

Connect with the real world

Getting your students out of the classroom and into a real world “situation” or location, they are able to develop long-lasting connections between educational concepts and their daily life.

Whether you go to a farm, museum, or even the theatre, your students are associating the class material to their real life.

Strengthen social bonds

Going on a trip with their classmates offers a fun, no-pressure environment to spend time together and connect through shared experiences.

Additionally, any opportunity to interact with others, classmates or not, provides students with the chance to understand different perspectives and develop empathy.

Better grades

When students can have valuable hands-on experiences, they will likely recall more details and information about the subject.

In addition, field trips give a “big picture” approach to educational themes as they allow teachers to present topics in an integrated way. This real-world way is more interesting, tangible and easier for students to understand.

Most of all, field trips give students new experiences to enrich their minds and lives well beyond the walls of the classroom.

So why do teachers hesitate or avoid the idea of taking their students on field trips?

However beneficial they are, the headache and paperwork to organize it all discourages teachers from planning these trips.

We Can Help Make Field Trip Planning Easy

At Inspiris we set out to develop software with educators, parents, and students in mind to make the process easier.

We came up with Inspiris FieldTrip Pro.

This simple tool has automated everything from permission slips to documenting completed trips. This means teachers and parents have less to worry about and can focus on the objectives at hand.

If you are an educator and you see the value of using field trips to engage and educate your students, take a look at our software. When you’re ready to learn more about this exciting service, let’s talk!

Contact our highly trained IT professionals, and we can schedule a free demo for you.

Planning your next field trip doesn’t have feel like you’re pulling teeth — avoid the paperwork and give your students and their parents easy access to all of the information with FieldTrip Pro!

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Why Field Trips are Invaluable and How to Make Them Easy
Many educators see the value of field trips, but some avoid planning them because of the headache. See our solution to the planning process!