Human Resources


Regardless of the size of the company they work in, Human Resources professionals are busy people, balancing a lot of different responsibilities.

From hiring and letting go of employees to ensuring vacation and benefits forms are filed and updated, these individuals need to be highly organized at all times, and you can often see them with piles of papers on their desks. It’s for people like this that content and document management systems like Laserfiche were created.

Whether it’s storing, updating and sharing job descriptions or automating onboarding and vacation requests, Laserfiche is a great tool that easily integrates with any current HR applications, and grow with your organization as needed.

Watch this video to get a better idea of Laserfiche’s many HR uses, or read below for some the many ways Laserfiche can help HR professionals:

Automate Recruiting & Onboarding:

  • Use web forms to capture and route job applications and create one comprehensive view for all new hire documents and tasks
  • Route hiring decisions to HR to expedite the employee onboarding process
  • Automatically schedule IT provisioning, benefits enrollment and other onboarding tasks when a new employee is hired
  • Streamline routine personnel tasks
  • Manage overall human resources for an organization such as vacation requests

Easy file management & integration:

  • Easily store, update and share employee files and track decisions throughout the employee lifecycle
  • Create and host web forms on intranet sites for employees to submit travel requests, expense reports and more
  • Automatically track when employees become eligible for benefits enrollment
  • Schedule reminder emails for employees to review their timesheets
  • Track policy acknowledgements and other employee agreements
  • Instantly access employee documents in human capital management systems
  • Access supporting documents from HR applications directly in Laserfiche
  • Makes approval process fast and efficient

Improve Operations Efficiency:

  • Create, share and update human resource planning strategies and retention programs live between departments
  • Trigger personnel workflows from third party applications

For more information about how Laserfiche can help make your company’s HR processes more efficient, Contact Us Now to set up a free consultation!

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