Executives and key decision makers in a variety of industries require Managed IT Services and content and document management systems to ensure operations run smoothly and efficiently and analyze the important information they need to make decisions each and every day.

Managed IT

As part of their many responsibilities to analyze and improve business operations, business executives are also often responsible for ensuring IT operations are reliable and secure, and flexible enough for future growth.

At Inspiris we understand the importance of IT in moving business forward – that’s why we concentrate on building trusting, long-term relationships, so you can focus on the business of your business.

Whether it’s on a per-project basis, time blocking or acting as your entire IT department, our experienced and knowledgeable IT experts can help.

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At Inspiris, we understand the many pressures executives like Business Analysts, CFOs and CIO’s face in reaching business goals such as gathering and analyzing Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) so you can continuously improve the overall operations of your company.

We truly believe in helping people, and we do that with executives by taking the time to fully understand your uniques needs and coming up with customized dashboard solutions that are accurate, easy to use and flexible enough to adapt to your company’s changing needs.

Laserfiche has easy to access dashboards with all the important KPIs and other data you need to make those key business and financial decisions, and you can even integrate it with any of your current internal or external data collection systems, making for a flexible and simple implementation process.

Here are just some of the ways Laserfiche can improve efficiency and decision making in your organization:

  • Create customized dashboards to see all internal and external data, such as up-to-date revenue numbers, NASDAQ numbers, Google Analytics and Google News
  • Automate the storage, management and distribution of documents across your organization and with contractors, such as administration, accounting and marketing documents for instant updates and faster approval processes
  • Analyze organizational business and workflow processes to quickly locate and solve areas of inefficiencies

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