Administration professionals in a variety of industries require a variety of Managed IT Support as well as content and document management systems to help make things like records management easy and secure.

Managed IT

Administrative professionals have a lot on their plate. From answering phones to ensuring the company’s information is secure, they often have a to-do list a mile long, and IT can be a time consuming task for those who aren’t tech-savvy or trained in IT.

From setting up phones, internet and email systems, to trying to recover when a system crashes or conducting a full security audit and implementation, Inspiris provides all levels of support to administrative professionals so they can get back to helping run the critical operations of the company through our customized IT solutions and cloud solutions.

We know the stress that can come along with IT issues, so we always come as soon as we can and our team members are friendly and easy to talk to. You won’t get any confusing jargon with us!

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Are you one of those administrators who always has piles of papers on their desk? Or overflowing filing cabinets that make you feel stressed just looking at them?

Technology has come a long way in many areas, and software like Laserfiche can not only make tasks like records management and security easier, but it can help save you the time and frustration of outdated filing systems and reduce administrative man hours and challenges.

Imagine being able to easily scan, capture and securely share files like invoices, store, update and share documents with specific team members, without having to change any of your current software?

Laserfiche is one of the easiest to use, customizable content management softwares available today, and it’s not expensive either!

Municipal government and school boards love Laserfiche, as it even makes organizing hundreds of staff documents and educational field trips easy!

Learn more about Laserfiche or Contact Us Now to set up a free consultation, so we can show you how this tool can be implemented within your organization today!

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