Modern Threats to IT Departments

In business it can feel like time is flying by fast. In technology time flies by twice as fast. Keeping up with new trends, programs, training, etc. can all seem like a hefty task, and it’s not uncommon for some IT departments to struggle.

In-house IT departments have an even tougher go, as they’re typically overburdened and understaffed and free time is nearly nonexistent. On top of this, they’re dealing with new challenges unique to the digital age.


Common Problems IT Departments Face

Security threats

Well, this isn’t new, but security threats we’re seeing today vary greatly from those of the past. Organizations are increasingly unable to secure network-connected devices, leaving the company open to risks.


Plateaued skill sets

Many IT workers nowadays believe they’re not getting adequate training to stay up to date on the latest technology and software.

Unfortunately many organizational leaders believe it’s the personal responsibility of IT employees to be up to date on their skills. However, IT is just like any other department or job, and there are certain trainings and workshops that would greatly benefit them.


Cloud issues

IT employees have the task of deciding:

  • what should and shouldn’t go to the cloud;
  • how to best safeguard the assets that do go to the cloud;
  • how to find time to explore multi-cloud solutions rather than one public entity.

Once again, this leaves them with little time to focus on anything else.


Shrinking budgets

It’s not breaking news that IT departments feel restricted by their allotted budgets.

Many companies believe IT is just maintaining current systems and responding to threats, but a great IT branch will be proactive and do preventative work. Both of which require sufficient funding.


Old systems

This can be attributed to lack of funding or undertraining. But whatever the case may be, it’s a serious issue in the IT world.

Many companies that don’t give their IT departments what they need are seeing systems so outdated they’re no longer protected by the manufacturer. This just opens up the organization to more threats.


What’s Your Experience?

Have you noticed one or more of these issues within your own organization?

Leave a comment below and let us know or if you’ve come across a different threat. We want to know what your organization is dealing with!

While each of these 5 challenges are common, it doesn’t mean that every IT department is suffering from all of them at the same time. Whichever threat your organization faces, Inspiris can help!

We have been providing solutions, upgrades, and collaboration with organizations since the early ‘90s. We understand that a great approach to technology puts people first.

If you’d like to learn more about the opportunities and solutions we can offer your business, schedule a call today!

One of our experts will be in touch to hear about your concerns and help you understand the best option moving forward.



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Modern Threats to IT Departments
IT departments in today’s world of constant digital transformation face unique issues. We detail the 5 most common threats that an IT department deals with in modern times.

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