Five Apps Every Business Leader Should Have

Managers and organizational leaders alike have a long list of duties that range from achieving quarterly goals to monitoring team spending. In addition, they’re busy connecting with employees in a way that will inspire them to be successful (not to mention still having to complete daily duties and manage to have a life, too).


While it may seem overwhelming, and that’s because it is, you don’t have to be overwhelmed. We’re living in an age with more resources than ever before. And technology can literally transform the way you lead.


We’re sure you’re a great multi-tasker and ready to take on what appears to be impossible, but just because you can juggle it all doesn’t mean you should have to. Let technology simplify a few areas of your life so that you can make the most of each day and still leave the office feeling sane.


Whether you’re looking to maximize productivity or just make sure your calendar stays up to date, we’ve got more than a few suggestions. Check out our list below for apps that will do wonders for you.



1. For the Leader Who Needs Help Communicating


Hands down, Slack is your best bet.


Regardless of where your team is located (remotely scattered around the world or a 20 second walk down the hall), this app will be a blessing for all. Ditch unnecessary meetings and e-mails for non-urgent requests and instead use this chat-esque app to stay connected without wasting time.




2. For the Leader Who Needs More Time in the Day


Do you leave work every day feeling drained?


We know you’re busy, but if you were truly optimizing productivity, you could probably get a lot more finished in a shorter amount of time.


The remedy for this common problem is 2Do. This app allows you to input tasks and keep track of your commitments.


Additionally, Minute is a great one for those looking to keep their calendars synched and up to date as well as making the most out of meetings. Use this app to create agendas and enjoy the real-time collaboration function, too.




3. For the Leader Who Is Always Coming Up with New Ideas


There’s nothing worse than coming up with a stellar idea only to forget it 10 minutes later.


If you find yourself brainstorming solutions while on the go, Dragon Dictation will be your best friend.


Whether you’re in line at the coffee shop or dropping off a package, this app will allow you to save time from typing by using speech recognition to capture your idea. All you have to do is speak into your phone’s microphone and the app will write down what you say, you then have the option to share via text, email, or social media.




4. For the Leader Looking to Inspire


You can’t expect to help others be their best if you’re not at YOUR best.


You probably already know the importance of taking short breaks throughout the day and how beneficial it can be to take a few moments to re-center yourself. Even though you may know this, it doesn’t mean it’s easy to do.


If you have trouble taking those deep breaths and finding inspiration, a great app is ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations. This app is simple but allows for personalization and will give you different affirmations to stay uplifted. Just incorporate this into your daily habits and watch how your mental state can improve.




5. For the Leader Seeking Personal Development


A great leader is one who grows.


Give yourself the opportunity with an app like The Leadership Challenge, which provides tangible actions that lead to growth.


All of the actions reflect five leadership practices:

  • Model the Way
  • Inspire a Shared Vision
  • Challenge the Process
  • Enable Others to Act
  • Encourage the Heart

If you want to grow as a leader, this app will have something for you.





A tired, uninspired, and overworked leader will be of no use to anyone. So do yourself and your entire team a favor by making things easier. Let digital solutions aid you while you grow in the process.


We want to know how you maximize each day. So what, if any, role do digital solutions play in your professional success?


Are there any apps on the list you would add?


Have you tried any of them before?

We want to hear from you in the comments below!



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