Determining If Enterprise Content Management Is Right for Your Business

We’ve written before about the benefits of implementing an enterprise content management (ECM) strategy in your business. Today we want to dig deeper and go into what ECM is and some questions to ask yourself (or your organization) when deciding if ECM is something that could be of use for your business.


The simplest place to start is by answering the question:


What Is ECM?


It is essentially an advanced solution that allows organizations to have an internal platform to share and distribute documents and important data.

ECM can be helpful for any organization when utilized in the correct way. But there are some industries that may find it especially helpful as it can speed up the editing process or cut out the back and forth of conversations.

But how can you tell if your business actually has processes and strategies that need an ECM software? We have some great questions to ask yourself.



Six Questions to Help You Make A Decision About ECM


1. Is my business too small for ECM?

Enterprise Content Management is not a one-size-fits-all solution and isn’t exclusively made for big businesses. With the right team and plan, ECM can be great for an organization of any size.

Check out this recent post about ECM and nonprofits for a more in depth look at ECM and organizations with unique needs.



2. What functions are you looking for?

First you need to identify your needs and goals to have a well-crafted ECM solution that takes care of what you’re looking for.

Having a well thought out and organized list of ideas will narrow down and help you pinpoint the best option for you.

For example, we love the flexible, intuitive Laserfiche system. You can speak with one of our experts to get more information about Laserfiche.



3. Is it difficult to implement into a system?

Implementing any enterprise system should not be taken lightly. This is because obstacles will arise. And the only way to ensure your operations can continue running smoothly is to have a solid plan in place.

With our knowledgeable team on your side, you’ll have a clear game plan and set of expectations allowing you to keep everything as normal.



4. Does this make financial sense for my business?

ECM is an investment that can do good for your business in the long run. But it’s still a financial commitment that will take some consideration (especially for smaller organizations).

To best decide if it’s worth the investment, take a look at what your current processes cost you.

Are your employees spending hours each day handling tasks that could otherwise be streamlined? If so, then this may be a clear sign for an upgrade.



5. Will the solution benefit the whole organization?

Before making any investment with an ECM solution, you want to ensure that it will grow along with your business and serve as a constant within the organization. You’ll need a system that will support and grow along with all aspects of your business.

Get more information from one of our IT experts to understand more!



6. Will I have adequate support?

So you made the decision to go for an ECM solution! But can you count on the experts to stick around to answer any questions or help you in your times of need?

With Inspiris you can count on us. We believe in a collaborative process that allows us to fully understand our clients’ team and unique organizational needs and goals. We use this information to offer reliable and consistent support long after you’ve made the transition to ECM.



Making the choice to switch to an ECM system can do a lot of good for your organization. But before making any business decision, you must weigh the possible outcomes. We’ll walk you through the process so that you’ll feel confident in your decision.

We hope these questions have been helpful, but if you’re still on the fence about what ECM is and if it’s right for your business, we can help!

Schedule your FREE consultation and together we’ll identify what areas you could use help with and then craft a plan. Our IT experts are ready to help your organization build IT plans that put people first.




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Determining If Enterprise Content Management Is Right for Your Business
Think ECM isn’t right for your business? Run through our short list of questions if you’re still on the fence about implementing an ECM system into your business.

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