Cyber Security and Your Business: Why You Need to Up Your Antivirus Software Game

Antivirus software is a good thing, and it can do a lot of good for your business. It will protect you from phishing, cyber attacks, and other malicious attempts. However, with cyber attacks and ransomware becoming more commonplace and advanced, the run of the mill free antivirus software won’t be enough.


Even solid antivirus software shouldn’t be your only line of defense when it comes to protecting your business and data. You can see a great list of strong cyber security practices here, on this recent post.


Today our focus is on why your current cyber security isn’t cutting it. Read on to understand why a business of any size needs more than just antivirus software.


Taking A Magnifying Glass to Your Antivirus Software


For the most part, antivirus software can halt a threat in its tracks and can often assist with the clean-up process. But there are still quite a few important items it won’t be able to touch — ultimately leaving you open to some potentially damaging threats.


We would like to add that any antivirus software is better than nothing. But to be completely effective you should have a comprehensive data security plan that utilizes a variety of defenses. You can speak with one of our experts to determine a solid plan for your organization.


Lack of support

Basic antivirus software is limited; they’re designed for a single device and typically don’t communicate with other endpoints on a network. The biggest red flag for us though is the lack of support when things take a turn for the worse.


Hence if you’re unlucky enough to face a disaster with malware, you may be digging yourself out of a hole for a while.


Huge liability

If you encounter a data breach, the liability is ALL yours.


Branching off of the lack of support statement from above, you can now see that these free and basic coverage options won’t be able to help you if there’s some sort of theft of data. Customers can use this in a lawsuit to show you were negligent in handling their data.



What Your Antivirus Software Isn’t Taking Care Of


There are four essential areas we want to shine a spotlight on which we feel all organizational leaders should be aware. Knowing what threats your antivirus software won’t protect you from will allow you to make a truly informed decision about a cyber security strategy.


1. Ransomware

If your computers are infected with a ransomware, antivirus won’t detect it until it’s too late.


That’s because hackers are always scheming new ways and methods to get around antivirus software. Unfortunately, this means your antivirus software might alert you once your files are already encrypted and you have a cyberthief asking you for tens of thousands of dollars to receive access again.



2. Compromised Devices

The rise in personal devices (smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc.) has brought a new vulnerability to your network.


Just like an employee with the flu, an employee with an infected device they bring to the workplace opens up the possibility of spreading the virus. It’s possible to mitigate this type of spread through strategic policies and malware scans.



3. Insider Threats

Whether intentional or accidental, the possibility of someone from within your organization spreading around malware is quite high.


You can learn more about insider threats from this article. It’s very difficult to avoid these risks, as the patterns are tricky to follow, which is why a more advanced security plan will be necessary.



4. Advanced Persistent Threats

These nasty viruses sneak into your system and then lay dormant until the perfect opportunity to strike presents itself.


APTs can cause a great amount of damage that will cause your business to suffer. They have become more advanced and harder to detect, which is why hackers love going after organizations with poor cyber security.



Our intention with this post was to open your eyes to the necessity of a comprehensive and well thought out cyber security plan. We’re not saying you should ditch your antivirus software altogether. But at the very least make sure it’s running at optimum level (so don’t put off those regular updates for too long).


It won’t protect all of your business’ systems, but it’s a good start. Think of antivirus software as your base level of protection, and then consider how you can build upon that foundation to protect your data, your customers, and your entire organization.


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Cyber Security and Your Business: Why You Need to Up Your Antivirus Software Game
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